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Solutions for uploading screenshots…

Can someone write with suggestions here…I think the visuals would make the blog much more valuable.



And it’s not just the continue button….Facebook, do something!

Data: CPMs have dropped by nearly 100% on social media sites with the crackdown on eCrush. As I understand now, advertising on, let’s just call it a spade, Facebook Apps, now fetches a CPM around or near $.35.

Well folks it should be lower. Have you played the game Friends for Sale yet?

Well to earn points all I need to do is get a free ipod…oops, I mean to earn points to “buy” friends, I just have to sign-up for any offer from your normal culprits (NYTimes, Columbia House, some Ringtone company).

Sure, some of it works, but is this worth it, let’s evaluate it:

1) Worth it for the consumer: debatable, they get to buy a friend and get a reoccurring subscription fee

2) Worth it for the advertiser: debatable to yes. If I care about my brand (NY Times, Yahoo Autos auto quote) then I probably shouldn’t be here. Come to think of it Yahoo Autos!, are you kidding me?!  Are you kidding me?!

Hmm, well, let’s see Yahoo Autos CPM for brand advertisers, probably $50CPM let’s call it. Quote through Yahoo for an auto lead “$50.”

So, easy math here, on 1000 users (assuming a .1% conversion to lead which is absolute worst case on incentive), that’s $50 + $500….well, that’s $550 per thousand users. Why yes, that’s a $55 CPM for Yahoo on that click.

I’m wondering if this is priced out for Yahoo on a per click or per lead basis, but so yes, we’ve changed our mind.

This is a “win” I guess for the brand marketer as well. (I’m kidding).

3) Worth it for Facebook: a definitive “no” — Let’s see incent your users using these practices. Degrade the value of your app inventory. Reduce the confidence by brand marketers. Well, I can tell you let’s all roll out press bandwagon for Facebook some more because they are really a new marketing paradigm.

Funny, I should stumble on to this article when looking for Ari Rosenberg’s article on the value of publisher inventory:

And finally let’s view the discretion, I mean, advertising opportunity.

How about those highly qualified users Yahoo?….just thought I would ask….since Lexus is the advertiser that comes up on this page….

Submit your screenshots…

Though this blog is new, we’ve gotten feedback that our “observations” would carry more weight if we showed the screenshots.

So we’re going to do that…

And feel free to submit your screenshots as well and opine on them, we’ll post them