The vast potential of LinkedIn’s Find a Foursome…

Fresh off LinkedIn’s admission of commanding an outrageous $75 CPM on some of their advertising, I was hit with a newsfeed update this morning of someone in my network joining the group “Find a Foursome!”

If ever there was the absolute perfect application/group marketing vehicle for LinkedIn I think we’ve stumbled onto it here.

There is even a notice to “add all all your “contact” email addresses,” personal and professional. Genius, shear genius. Wait, so will my email addresses then be spammed, or will it serve to create a list for golf products and promotions…I don’t know yet, but the noisey-spammy email is worth it for me to see how this will turn out. I don’t even like golf!

Now, since groups are managed by a user or series of users on LinkedIn, the platform is not open, and there is not a whole ton of functionality that can be done, but it will interesting to see how the dynamics of this group grow (or don’t grow for lack of ease of effort) and whether there are attempts to advertise (by LinkedIn or by users).

This is going to be fun to see play out. I don’t even know if this it a test group from LinkedIn itself. Keep your eye on this one.



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