Wow: Google sneaking in the backdoor on Digg and others!

A seemingly innocuous post on Google today regarding long forgotten service Measure Map.
Thank you Tech Crunch, this was a phenomenal bit of news that could have been lost in the ether.

However, is it really so innocuous. Let’s see what the service does….in exchange for distributing a Google Analytics pixel on your blog, Google can now offer you stats about your blog interaction. Seems relatively benign, however let’s extrapolate the value and just for fun talk about some of the companies and “spaces” that this can meander Google into.

By allowing users to categorize their blog and merely just by putting the pixel on, Google can aggregate even more signals at a higher frequency about a user interaction with content (in exchange for data reporting).

Possible ancillary / competitive services:

1) Well there is Digg. True it is user that contributes to a portal regarding a news stories worthiness. All Google really needs to do is an opt in service and portal overlay for “find the latest popular stories on Twitter.”

2) There is also Omniture and other web tracking companies (but this one has been happening for some time)

3) What about a BuzzLogic effect whereby Google offers data back to advertisers regarding popular blog posts (on an opt in basis from the blog owner of course)

4) How about Comscore and other publisher-side measurement services (Compete, Alexa) and offering publisher side data on what is transpiring on my blog?

There are many more, however it will be interesting to see the traction this service gets. I intend to review the service and thoroughly review the privacy policy for data usage once it becomes available.

As a note, I am continually impressed with Google’s fastidious detail to aggregating signals.


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