Internet Marketing Observations: YOU OWE US NEILSEN

So for those that follow this blog, we ran a post last month that called out Neilsen and Clickz for publishing a report on paid text links by spend that could not have been true.

The title of the post: Neilsen Online: At what point are you embarrassed?

I happened to click on that story today, because it’s skyrocketing up the hit chart today on this blog.

I went back to the Neilsen data source on Clickz.

And to my shock and astonishment, I found a disclaimer around TableofSix being listed as advertiser #10.

It reads, “*After these data were published, Nielsen Online said it learned that the impression counts for Table for Six were inflated, citing an ad collection issue with its sponsored link impressions on It said the issue has been fixed and the data should be normalized effective the week ending April 20, 2008. “

Could we please get a thank you over at IMO for qa’ing your data Neilsen. Next time, you do the homework.


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