Anyone hounding Arrington about RazorGator? You try scaling Twitter

From the first link on Google.

Quote: “I’m thrilled to join the RazorGator team and I look forward to building a great company,” said J. Michael Arrington, COO of RazorGator. “The market for event tickets has exploded over the last few years, and I believe that RazorGator will become the leading company in the $2 billion plus secondary event ticket market.

We’ll  get back to that.

I don’t have a tech degree and I don’t purport to know anything about scaling and load balancing a system — though I understand the impact it has on a product.

In terms of the challenges of load balancing, I often tell a start-up, “Want to hire a quality CTO, find someone who scaled a load balancing system.”

Michael Arrington’s rant on Blaine Cook is simply unwarranted, but great theatre. That’s it.

One, none us work at Twitter.

Two, we don’t know the current technical dependencies of the system.

No one is saying to Michael, “Hey Stubhub got taken out, what happened with RazorGator?!” In fact, I have no idea about anything in regards to RazorGator….maybe the url scared people off. Who knows?

And further, in public, what is a developer supposed to do? Come armed with a powerpoint that states that his company is going to have trouble scaling. Every company manages the press.

Developers are good at developing, business folks are good at, well, business, and evangelists are good at evangelizing. Maybe Blaine Cook wasn’t a good evangelist. Maybe neither was Michael Arrington at RazorGator. Who knows?

One thing is clear, controvery and page views are the ballywick of Michael Arrington. Nice job in that regard.

Note, just created a new category on our blog: “Managing the press.”





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