Glam, Stylefeeder, and A good job

Update from

Siva Kumar from was nice enough to respond to this post. Siva, I just checked your uniques, you guys have come quite a way since the days of FatLens and online ticketing comparison shopping.

Are there similar integrated partnerships in the works for along these lines of layered integration? Thanks for responding.


Those of you that read this blog consistently, know that Glam is often a target for criticism and a frequent member of the “gaming the ratings” vertical.

However, the current deal between Stylefeeder and Glam reeks of, well, value. In fact, there is a third participant of this deal,, that is winner as well. Let’s see if the product takes off, but the concept of it makes a ton of sense.

According to Mashable, it works like this. StyleFeeder introduces content on their site in an interface that is designed more appropriately for the constituency, women. Stylefeeder aggregates the users and reduces production cost with “content,” or product feeds. The addition of Glam is pretty smart as well as the added CPM pricing will allow for higher distribution purchasing power to the entity, while putting purchase minded customers in front of the brand advertiser.

The triumvirate creates maximum pricing power for search keywords and maximum revenue per click on list management or other forms of distribution.

Additionally, none of these companies could have harnessed the traffic themselves in a scalable fashion. A deal like this usually doesn’t get done because of the coordination needed, so kudos to the business leads on this one. You could say the short term winner here is Stylefeeder, who managed to insert themselves in with two stronger “brands” with more funding.

To review… provides the backend and the service rate (a large selection of products)
Stylefeeder personalizes the content to increase conversion
Glam serves advertising on top of the content, increasing the CPM, while increasing valuable inventory and reach.

Two thoughts in conclusion:

– Do brand marketers understand the competition for their brand eyeballs in the sense of this partnership? Do they care?

– I’m wondering if will come up with a similar campaign with Sugar or other?


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  1. Siva on

    Thanks for thinking of us in this context and great job by StyleFeeder to add monetization elements to the site!

    We also welcome StyleFeeder in joining us in the Glam Network and the partner network. We have already been working with both of these companies for well over a year now delivering compelling experiences for the consumers (mostly women) and for the brand advertisers and retailers. As for more such partnerships…stay tuned!


  2. Siva on

    Along the theme of this post, just recently, we announced the launch of our shopping search customized for

    We have been working closely with HFM US in adding shopping related content and tailored search across it’s portfolio of magazine and online properties like Woman’s Day, ELLE Decor and Point Click Home.


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