Google top brand? Sure, but what’s the methodology.

Since my entrance into online advertising some 10 or more years ago, brand metrics have always been focused on reach, uniques and impressions…..and that’s about it. Occassionally there is the media buyer who requests a site-by-site agreement on where they are to run; who knows how they pick which Web sites they run on.

As brand marketers start focusing more attention online, it’s only natural and, in a push for transparency, for advertising sales execs to request: “What are your success metrics?” and specifically how they will be determined.

Online advertising is about accountability and that will not change. You will always be able to track and report on impressions much better than any other medium.

With that, I am wondering what to make of Millard Brown’s announcement of Google as the top brand. I’m not disagreeing that they are, but I want to learn a little bit more about their survey and methodology so as to begin creating better metrics for online advertising.

Taken on the surface, the survey represents a very, very small sampling size. The 100,000-person survey when compared versus online audience is less than .01% of the Internet audience (assuming everyone surveyed has an internet connection).

It’s time to push brand metrics to balance higher production endeavors like NBC-Omnicon. Clients should demand this.


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