NBC, Omnicom: Structured for success?

An announcement this week that NBC and Omnicon will collaborate on a web series to inject advertisement placement in web show programming.

As someone who has only spent a short time working in the agency cycles, perhaps someone can educate me into how much effort a pact like this takes to put together and what are the success metrics of it.

The challenges I have with this are:

– Hmm, how much money will NBC put towards promotion? And does this budget come from the advertiser budget?

– What are the success metrics for this programming in terms of uniques, reach (you know how I feel about reach online), and views for this programming. Especially since the view metric is hardly defined.

– Further, what is the effort level or cost to set this up for the advertisers (Intel, Microsoft, UPS, Acura TSX) vs. probability of success. I am sure the cost is quite stunning, in terms of meetings, travel, coordination, etc.

– What’s the historical success or probability of success of these programs. Isn’t there a better way on the client side to reduce the risk of spending this effort without an impact?

Perhaps this writer is naive, this seems like a risky or even frothy endeavor, though it may in fact be worthy.

And I guess the, er my, question is, how do these pacts get structured within a client account? What is the tradeoff between R&D budget (where I would certainly put this campaign) and impact or measured marketing? I am asking the question; hopefully someone can contribute comments here in terms of this.

Also, I would challenge AdWeek to report on the success metrics of this campaign post-development and post-launch. A debrief on how this worked is critical, in my mind, to justifying Adweek’s pre-launch coverage.

More commentary: Silicon Valley Insider on Gemini promotion


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