AdTech: Some brief follow-up comments


JT Batson from the Rubicon Project was kind enough to respond in the comments below. Please check them out. Once again, thanks for all who respond as this blog develops its voice.

According to JT, their publisher acquisition at the show and thus booth expenditure was worth it. So I stand corrected. Congratulations on the acquisitions, JT.

JT, what was the major selling point that resonated with the publishers you spoke with over competitors like Pubmatic, AdBrite, others — happy to publish in a separate post.


I had the chance to attend AdTech this week. I meant to write a more indepth piece, but I’m more intrigued by going through Google’s numbers this morning.

Here are some bulleted comments:

– Google and Yahoo have a presence (Yahoo as the former Blue Lithium employees), interesting, but that’s about all

– AdReady had a large display, if you are not familiar with AdReady check them out. They help performance marketers manage production costs and roi in display. It will be interesting to see their product adoption.

– The Rubicon Project, for some reason had a rather large booth. If you are not familiar with the Rubicon Project check them out. You may like their single integration product or you might regard them as a souped up Glam. The interesting thing is the AdTech audience really isn’t their target audience in this writer’s opinion.

– Neilsen and Comscore with a small presence and little visitors.

– IndexTools completely abandoning their booth in the wake of the Yahoo acquisition.

– Very little in the way of targeting add-ons, but eBureau and TargusInfo displaying for lead quality and validation.

For a more indepth review, visit DM Confidential.


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  1. JT--the Rubicon Project on

    Hey– this is JT from the Rubicon Project. Thanks for the mention. I hope you enjoyed ad:tech.

    It was a very easy decision for us to have a booth there. Not only are there hundreds of ad networks there (our partners), there were also tons and tons of publishers. It was definitely a great show for us.

    According to AdRants, our booth was consistently the highest trafficked booth.

    ad:tech San Francisco 2008 Tuesday

    Thanks again for the mention. I enjoy your work.

    the Rubicon Project

  2. Jay Sanderson on

    It might have been the most trafficked booth because you brought 40 of your own employees there!

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