Somewhere the execs at TurnHere are paying close attention

Google launched a feature today, incorporating YouTube video with it’s Google Maps feature is sure to have one company and its investors paying close attention.

Consider TurnHere the SpotRunner for local video content. This niche market got a bit of press about a year ago. As a consumer, I personally do not place high value on local marketing content through video. I am a consumer of higher quality production video. Does anyone remember the local television commercials on cable (actually they still go on) that made you laugh out loud like it was a Mentos commercial?

That being said, I think the market is certainly an up-and-coming one and Turn Here’s production quality of their video is much better than expected. While Quantcast shows a bit of a flat and typically volatile traffic pattern, I can’t imagine this is a good predictor of their business. Turn Here is creating unique content in a scalable fashion that is both targeted and valuable and that is rather unique in and of itself on the Web these days. It is typically hard for a start-up to take that gamble.

I am not affiliated with TurnHere, but I hope their exec team and their investors gain some small satisfaction out of Google’s release today.

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