Banner Ad is to Advertising Campaign as Twitter is to….

….personal news portal! Personal news portal!

TechCrunch, again trumping others, is carrying a story that Twitter is testing instream advertising.

All I can say to this is, “No! No! No! Look at the opportunity.”

My last and only post on Twitter merely talked about the power in building signals.
(I’ll have another post coming shortly on the signal-receiver relationship online).

Twitter is missing a golden opportunity here to build a destination site.

Much like banner ad campaigns are distributed widely online and lead users back to a Web site is the relationship that Twitter should have between their users and a destination site. In essence a user has opted in for the most powerful advertising perhaps ever: a relevant content message from a trusted voice that gets pushed to a device that is always on them.

This permission-based content push is the core competency and value of Twitter and they should not compromise by introducing noise. This would corrupt the system completely. Suddenly, that desire to view a message would be caveated with, “Wait, maybe it’s an advertisement.”

Twitter should provide a web-based service that then capitalizes on their core competency.

Give me statistics on messages and wrap marketing around this.

Introduce relevant content to twitter categories or my grouping (either automated or with manual editorialship) and wrap advertising around this.

Provide a customized newsletter feed from my twittering and sell sponsorships.

Review point: Google introduced search ad campaigns around their core competency (their natural results) not in them.

More comments inline with this sentiment on Mashable today.


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  1. Scott L Clark on

    Freakin’ brilliant! I agree that “noise” advertising will only diminish the users experience and eventually torch what could be an otherwise excellent revenue stream.

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