Yahoo! to Google: Eat my kids…and developers too

Update: Comments, conjecture in “Valleywag citing inadequate resourcing for AMP and not enough hardware.

When will online companies figure out that it’s about an appropriate ratio of developers to business people.




Anyone in consumer media knows that the second you outsource a critical component in this case Yahoo Search advertising, you might as well be toast.

Let’s hope Yahoo is smart and only looking to benchmark how far they are behind in monetization.

However, there is another theme to ponder here and that’s in terms of your workforce, Yahoo!. The developer team at Yahoo!, especially the search team in this case, are going to make a note of this.

They are now, in their minds, expendable and probably at the very least disheartened by the public announcement. If there is anyone that Google probably doesn’t want to lose more of, it’s developers, especially those that work on a hyper-competitive product as well.

Yahoo, what you may have gained in public investor and corporate circles, you lost with the most important part of your workforce.

Some other opinions:
The Wall Street Journal, who broke the story


2 comments so far

  1. Zach Katkin on

    Although these are interesting conclusions I think they are too extreme. It is an interesting concept Yahoo is experimenting with. I had the opportunity to meet some Yahoo developers and they love it there – internally they may have already discussed this strategic move and have been ready for awhile.

  2. saveproduction on

    Always happy to hear both sides of a discussion Zach. Thanks for the comment.

    I, of course, hear the contrary.

    I’ll try to get a poll up on the page if I can.

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