What Dashboard Are You Looking At?

In a previous column, I wrote that during a recession it is difficult to integrate new reporting and decisioning platforms.

So this would seem to be, perhaps, in direct contrast to Yahoo’s announcement today regarding the purchase of IndexTools.

However, there is a major difference here, Yahoo has traffic. Obviously, much like Google unifying the analytics dashboard with the traffic source has been a powerful combination, not Apple-iTunes-iPod, but powerful nonetheless.

Which meanders me to my point?

The biggest opportunity for traffic online right now is not performance-based or direct marketing. It is clearly brand advertisers. Yet brand advertisers continually measure a series of other metrics: unduplicated reach, frequency of impressions across demographic lines, etc.

To date, these brand marketers have been chiefly using Omniture, Doubleclick, or Atlas downstream data — in essence, they haven’t had the right dashboard because they are looking at performance or conversion-based metrics to evaluate a brand buy. I think the closest anything comes to this is–maybe–Atlas integration of Dynamic Logic (I’m sure there are better examples that I don’t know about.)

It would seem to me there is an opportunity to create a dashboard that matches the way agencies buy media.

Of course, you still have to solve multiple integrations to purchase traffic, possibly an adserver build or integration and the treacherous and painful agency sales cycle, but there would seem to be an opportunity here.

Some other stories surrounding this notion:

Valleywag on the Yahoo AMP delivery timeframe


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  1. jens on

    I strongly disagree with your statement branding will become more important than performance based marketing

    They will become much more integrated. there are certainly brands whiche NEED to invest in awareness and exposure and blabla . . but there are lots of business which are so commoditized – for them it simply doesn´t matter – so what they need to do is to target the relevant search terms – and if they can´t make it organic – well, they pay for it on a performance base.

    there are several new approaches under development which are starting to measure more than just the final click on an ad and what happens after the visitor arrived on the landing page. that would be of course very interesting thing to know – where does this lead come from, where was he exposed to the ad before in what format and where did he finally click to come to the landing page.

    i didnt see the microsoft system in action yet, but certainly other will work on similar tools. this might still make you pay your marketing dollars on a CPM basis, but more performance indicators will be added – so the two approaches become more integrated.

    last but not least the adserver – you can have a look at google ad manager and you don´t need doublelclick anymore [so far invitation only at https://www.google.com/admanager ]

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