Google trumps Facebook: HuddleChat hits the factory floor

Have you been following the mini-drama of HuddleChat?

Michael Arrington and Techcrunch has a write-up and opinion Google’s decision to shudder the HuddleChat app from it’s app engine platform.

I am in stark agreement with Google’s decision and disagreement with TechCrunch’s opinion.

This is a classic case of keeping separation of church and state. Google’s desire is to be the advertising platform for all media on the web. Any notion that they are moving further upstream always comes with backlash from the community, and rightfully so. One might argue that these are just the moves that Google makes with purchases like YouTube and even Google News. However, these are all just plays to have a navigation platform to good content.

The move by Google is the exact inverse of how Facebook is treating and working with their app community. Nary a week goes by that, a Facebook “app” comes out that competes directly with developers on their own platform. This is a dangerous road, public relations-wise for Facebook, though it may be a good business decision. One can see from Google’s movement hear on what seems like an innocous app (though it may have been a quick reverse engineering job) how seriously they take this issue.

Google’s business is in being the ad platform. This is a good decision on their part. Frankly, I can not see how anyone would think otherwise.



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