New Media copies Old:, TechCrunch & TechMeme

It’s funny–below the dashed lines below–I actually wrote a post a few weeks ago when the with the best blogs. The theme, TechCrunch linking to a piece in a blatant act of self-promotion and SEO.

I actually wanted to castigate TechCrunch in this post for not only doing this again <a href=”>with the TechMeme piece</a> (on a slow Sunday newsday to get some page views up), but blatantly ripping of Old Media’s

By the way, 62 comments on parsing TechMeme — is that just mildly absurd or absurdly absurd. I’m laughing at that….well and contributing as well (just so people read by other stuff….maybe).

However, right as I began writing the piece I started pondering the piece I had written on content and all the hubbub (for lack of a better term) around bloggers trying to make money off advertising.

The result. My stance has changed.

While I personally think TechCrunch should not stoop  to such tactics, the business of media <a href=>per piece on content</a> is about distribution, production and voice.

I now have two takeaways:

1) TechCrunch cannot be condemned for using such little effort (less than a day’s worth of work) to build up their SEO and link farm — it’s an example actually of a good effort on distribution

2) I’m partly with Louis Gray <a href=””>Farecast chart, or diatribe</a>in terms of bloggers not adding value, but I don’t think what needs to be solved is the quality of the content. It’s that the cheapest method of distribution and cheap web site hits is from “story SEO” or “story link exchange” — for that point we should really figure out a better filter solution that Google PageRank, Digg or even TechMeme.



Title: TechCrunch succumbs to old media and SEO

Lot of comments yesterday and today on “blogging.”

Many originating from the New York Times piece.

I was just about to close my day (reading and writing) and I logged on to Tech Crunch….where I found this story:

What’s the story about? Well it’s a link to a post on about voting for the best blogs.

In one fell swoop, TechCrunch as they say took the bait.

– They promoted the contest to their audience to increase their brand equity on the back of (Rule: Always associate your brand with a stronger brand. That’s Brand Marketing 101)

– And they insure themselves of a little more link exchange and seo-ness by linking to the story.

I guess it’s not too bad, but coming from the “new world,” I would have like to see TechCrunch ignore the story. It would serve as announcement to that TechCrunch is more than just a blog, it’s a brand.

Just my two cents on this one.



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