IAB: We choose video!

Well it appears at least one of my 2008 predictions is on it’s way to becoming  at least party true…with a broad interpretation. I really should not be declaring any victory.

The prediction: – Brand marketers focus on “what they know” and gyrate towards video marketing….(there was more after the dots :>)

Two pieces of news yesterday seemed to suggested that internet video will receive an influx of ad dollars.

First the IAB adopt digital videa and ad format guidelines. That’s located here: http://www.iab.net/iab_products_and_industry_services/1421/1443/DV_Guidelines

While we might see an announcement on social media or behavorial targeting best practices, this nevertheless sets in motion creative builds in video. 

Secondly, AOL and ESPN entered into a distribution deal for ESPN video: http://blog.clickz.com/080408-60000.html

Coming on the heels of ESPN dismissing it’s ad networks (video ad networks were a big buyer of inventory), that confirms one notion: ESPN and AOL have the brand advertisers to make even more video impressions work.

I’m wondering if the next metric now for brand buyers is engagement metrics vis-a-vis commercials views.

We’ll see.



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