Cluuz: Like it, but not really next gen guys…

I’m more poking fun at Cluuz. I like their “array” display of search engine results that allows the user to select an appropriate result by “promiximity” to what their looking for.

For those that have been around awhile, we rememember Gnod’s Music and their Music Map. Still a very effective recommendation for music which originated in the 1990s.

Are you a Radiohead fan?

Search engine interfaces are a lot like multi variate testing, you never know what comvination of features and visuals will illicit positive feedback and return usage.

I’m also looking forward to the debut of PowerSet this week.


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  1. Charles Knight on

    Ah, yes – music map and!

    Thanks for taking a look at Cluuz – remember, it’s very early in their development.

    Charles Knight

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