Facebook Chat: More advertising indicators and what’s on the roadmap

Facebook has now launched a chat product, though it appears to be a limited launch according to TechCrunch.


While this is certainly a service that will be valuable for the Facebook users, there a number of ancillary impacts this could have:

1) If this is successful, when does Facebook pick up an internet telephony client like Jaxtr (or build their own).

2) More inmarket indicators for Facebook. One of the benefits of IM is a very current stream of user information that can be monetized in the direct response world. This was a hallmark of AOL and ICQ. Seems like this could validate the business model of a company like Opinmind.

3) Given #2, how savvy does Microsoft investment look. Let’s forget the price for a second, everyday that Facebook doesn’t manage all of its ad inventory is another day it falls behind in the mega ad network space. (FYI, Google get more than half of their revenue from partners)

4) How does having a chat and other communication products impact app usage. Do apps start incorporating chat as a distribution point or part of their product or both?

5) Facebook states chat will not be interoperable to start. It will be interesting to see the perfect of market share takes over the coming quarters.

More to follow….


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