OMMA: What’s next, a story on the X10 camera? Ridiculous

In Twitter-like fashion here:

– Get mail yesterday

– Flip through to magazines

– See OMMA with a story on performance marketing. Omma, okay, cool.

– Flip to the lead story: “Click me baby one more time”

– Third sentence: “For almost a decade, performance marketers have placed so much importance on initial click-through rates that they’ve forgotten nearly everything else.”

– Close magazine, start crying, curl-up in a fetal position

– Get up go to my computer, log onto Prodigy and dial up Preview Travel for some airline tickets and then it’s over to Infoseek for my financial news…wait I can go to RagingBull, great!

Did anyone else feel that OMMA made a mistake and reprinted a turn-back-the-clock issue from 2002?

Hey Netflix, are you just looking at the click. Is that how you scaled your business? What about you MyCokeRewards? Omniture has about $143M reasons to tell you why it’s not just about the click. Oh yeah, and they’ve been in business for awhile.

Anyone using Google Analytics? Or even a BuzzLogic?

It’s a sad day when an online publication so widely followed and accepted by the luminaries in the media space puts out such a patently late piece and calls it news.

Maybe that’s why there are blogs…..thankfully.


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  1. David on

    OMMA is a joke. But shame on you for *actually* reading it . . .!

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