Slide: Just one method of customer acquisition

Note: I’ve changed the name of this post to reflect app company customer acquisition as oppose to referencing an article. 

Techcrunch is running a story today about Slide posting fake reviews of their own apps.

For those in the space, Slide has been doing let’s call it below-the-collar (possibly -the-belt) moves like this in the space since the launch of the Facebook developer platform nearly a year ago.

Spoofing profiles, hammering new apps with fake users, etc. These things happen with any company.

For example, RockYou recently got scolded by MySpace for their methodology of messaging (I’m gingerly calling this spamming) users. Customer acquisition is an aggressive game based upon data review, specifically removing noise, from app usage data.

On the app review side, positive comments on about us pages, “hot chicks” validating, stronger brand marketing on app pages, these all drive usage.

All of these things going on in the social media space and app developers should be wary of them.

Maybe this deserves an other post at some point.


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