Love’em: BuzzLogic, Umbria, etc.

News yesterday that J.D. Power bought Umbria. Now, I’m not sure of the buyer, but it’s nice that the industry is starting to recognize companies that can build metrics based upon “quantifiable communication.”

Companies like BuzzLogic and Umbria, in this writer’s mind, are in the first inning of developing brand awareness metrics.

It’s great to see some validation!


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  1. Nick on


    I run Biz Dev at Collective Intellect, another social media analytics company. I’d like to think we’re in the second inning:).

    Thanks for covering the space,

  2. saveproduction on

    Thanks for the comment Nick.

    Agreed, we’re definitely in the second inning in terms of technology and reporting, maybe first inning in terms of usage?

    Any company with Eric Stein on their BOA is fine by me.

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