If I’m on a newspaper-dot-com exec team….

Update: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/businesstechnology/2004333012_weblayoffs07.html

Seattle Times cuts its staff by 200, online revenues down.


I’m not looking to back paper tiger QuadrantOne in the wake of bad news on the print front. I’m looking to extend value for my advertisers (classified and branded) online where the growth needs to come from.


I’m looking to do the following:

1) Generate more business for my local classified advertisers by acting as their interface to online marketing. You know how hard it is to aggregate local advertisers!

2) I’m looking how to bundle my content in widgets or cobrands to generate traffic for my classified advertisers or brand advertisers.

3) I’m looking to improve my brand with a network of blogs or blogging products under the umbrella of my editorial team.

4) I’m looking at how to archive all my content to increase readible archives (that have the opportunity for SEO).

5) I’m probably not looking to get into video, because that’s never been my bread-and-butter and I’ll face pressure from the networks who are getting squeezed. Wait maybe I should just partner with them….

6) I’m avidly studying Digg, Yelp, and even ESPN.com to understand the feature sets I can incorporate.

7) I realize internet development is not in my DNA, so I’m looking to hire as many young media execs as possible that can help me take advantage of my brand equity before it’s too late.

8 ) I’m not prostituting my brand in subscription-based incentive marketing (free ipod, facebook app points, etc.) because that compromises my brand to the very audience I need to attract.

9) I’m debating my own ad network because there is actually value there since I have direct response advertisers from my classifieds and brand advertisers for my content. Maybe I’m partnering with an AdReady to help dr advertisers with their online ads.

10) I’m not sure what 10 is, but if I accomplish 1 through 9 then I’ll have a good handle on what to do next.

Any newspaper owners/execs want me to help you out, just let me know. There is still a ton of value now and in the future, but you need to embrace changing media habits now with identified goals.


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  1. jens on

    in my experience stumbleupon generates more traffic, if used correctly, than digg. I know relatively small sites which increased the traffic per day tenfold with the right content submitted to stumbleupon. that doesn´t mean you have 100 visits today and 1000 after you use stumbleupon – but at least you would have the 1000 once a week 🙂 . . which is a start. in the long run this is exactly what helps you to target the right audience. as always the pre-condition is high quality content for your sites particular topic (or topics).

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