More on FriendFeed, everyone’s favorite darling….I’m coming around

I’m playing around with FriendFeed this morning because apparently you are not allowed to live in the “San Francisco network” if you don’t have an opinion on them. If you applaud them, well then you’re smart.

And I’m caving, I see the merit and Friendfeed is not really Dogpile. Got this one wrong; maybe.

The service fairly easy to use and I thought I would take a stab at providing the differentiation points between Friendfeed feed management and feed management within your Facebook profile.

It comes down to a few things:

1) Facebook is about me and then my friends. It is about self promotion through gimictry or more appropriately, which is unique or novel on my profile for me to poke someone.

Friendfeed is about your friends with you are the editor of your content.  There is a higher level of richness here that extends beyond anything an application housed in a confined environment can provide.

How the profile page on Friendfeed morphs will be very telling.

2) Friendfeed obviously integrates multiple outside services, Yelp,, YouTube — this takes the onus *off* of these contributing companies to solve muliple social network platforms. We already knew it was an easy management tool for the consumer, but, as the newsfeed is the key to application traffic on Facebook, this essentially hits at the highest value component for these services. It is in the best interest of all these services to promote Friendfeed; this is not the same as Facebook where the user must interact within Facebook’s walls.

3) Privacy. By interacting outside the Facebook environment I can control what is broadcast about me. While the fact that someone wrote on my wall creates interaction, I may not want to broadcast to friends I have not defined within networks.

If this post sounds anti-Facebook it’s not. It would be interesting to see the demographics of those that use Friendfeed. I imagine it’s techno-centric early adopters and probably a slightly older demographic that finds self promotion a bit too juvenile (though it is this self promotion that pushes Facebook usage).

Interesting to see how Friendfeed grows and whether Facebook acknowledges the functionality and incorporates it or not.

Should be fun.


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