Huh? Can someone deconstruct this “social media” post?

I am not an avid consumer of MediaPost, but there are some really good comments on them.

However, I’m not sure what to make of this post on social media:

First, the author chooses to profile Federated Media and Gawker (wait, I thought these were blogs?). Second, she profiles a single sponsorship campaign that users performance metrics to cite an accomplishment.

Industry folks say it took something like 26 years for radio formats to form and something like 14 years for TV. In terms of social media, we are in year one. A little early for a post like this, isn’t it?

There are some really novel advertising and market vehicles occuring right now and their called applications. They take about one to two weeks to create if you have the chops.

You want to read a great blog on social media, read this one:


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