Lead verification: Tough one

Greg Yardley linked to this blog last week and he’s got some comments on lead verification on his blog: http://yardley.ca/2008/03/29/preventing-lead-tampering/

I thought I would augment his post.

Lead verification, the process of ascertaining with some confidence factor, that the information in a lead is accurate.

Most firms bundle lead verification in with a lead quality review (many major lead companies have whole department looking at lead quality).

However, the issue of lead quality is not one that can be solved at a service-based level. It’s sort of like the conundrum of Efficient Frontier, but I’ll leave that for another post.

To have an effective solution, I will review with the two classic product development questions:

– What’s my ROI?

– How much effort do I need to accomplish it?

Unfortunately, upon this calculation, any slew of offsite lead verifications just don’t work.

In terms of lead quality, Greg is on target that there are a number of other factors to consider with lead quality. This is: resubmission of a lead, resubmission of doctored lead, time sensitity of that lead (even within a daily segment).

Do any lead verifications solve all of these problems? No.

And therein lies the problem.

If no solution can solve 90% of the problem, now I am spending just too much cost to work with an outside service.

I need to: negotiate and sign a contract, integrate within their system, insure that I have support for when their system has releases, train my staff on using the data, etc. etc. Further, I have concerns about the company’s trajectory, i.e. does my competitor maybe buy them one day.

Integrations within the real time supply chain in lead generation (from distribution source through lead transmission) are just too difficult to manage.

Then again, if anyone does have a great solution, maybe I’ll reconsider, but only after some other company works out the bugs.


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