Ha, my online EDU business is doing great also!

Quick blurb here, especially to any investors out there:

“Everyone’s online EDU business is doing great.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from any number of companies that their EDU customer acquisition is doing well. My response, “why?”

Listen carefully to the response and you’ll find whether a company understands the macroeconomics of their business at all.

With the tons of inventory from push media (display, co-reg, email) still depressed from the lack of mortgage ads, guess where the subprime yield comes from EDU. My guess is as the EDU markets slows a bit towards the end of this year, the insurance folks will get some of the spillover.


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  1. John DeMayo on

    Yup – mortgage was perhaps the largest DR vertical. Now that demand there is way down, EDU which competes for a lot of the same inventory is taking those impressions, and at lower rates.

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