Friendfeed: Will it become the Dogpile of social networks

A lot of press these days in terms of aggregating friend feeds. If you are a member of the Friendfeed bandwagon in Silicon Valley, people regard you as smart. Actually, I don’t know if that is true.

Here’s my question — does anyone see the parallel to Dogpile or is it just me?

I’m not a user of Friendfeed, but I will probably check it out. But again, the issue is around integrations.

As the number of integrations scale around social media, can Friendfeed manage this effectively when parallel services can or will exist at some of the larger social networks.

Before everyone jumps on the Friendfeed bandwagon. Let’s just review some numbers:

Dogpile: 3.2M uniques per month in the U.S.

Google: 123M uniques per month in the U.S.

Friendfeed will appeal to a certain early adopter marketplace. I believe after this marketplace is reached their growth will be capped. 

And one more thing here, it would be real great is some of the journalists, bloggers, and investors that buy into these things did a little research in middle america. I really would be curious to see who is Twittering in St. Louis these days.


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