More feedback on powerTV, please add some more comments

Seems my hastily reviewed blurb on powerTV should have commanded a more thorough review.

After reading through more commentary on this “story” and looking at the comment on the story, it begs the question:

– how do you measure if the marketing tactic you did just used helped or hurt your brand in general (i.e. how do you measure the feedback) and what are tactics to address this once it is identified. The world of “no comments” went out the door the day the Google’s, WordPress’s and Digg’s of the world commanded media attention.

I’m going to spend some time today and this week inventorying more comments on this story before pronouncing judgment on this campaign.

One thing that is apparent about the campaign is the lack of response to comments by readers to powerTV and GM  about this in an obvious and promoted way.  A campaign is something that needs to be evaluated and addressed much more after it’s run.

And I have not done my homework so I’ll resolve further judgment here.

One pet peeve powerTV. Assuming I have your web site right at:, always always stand behind what you do if you believe in it. The fact that I can’t go to your web site and it is not transparent and obvious who your management team is from it begs reconsideration. In the age of Google, all I needed was one more click (by the way, maybe this will change but these are the current market conditions.)

More on this and a separate post later this week on how quality customer service and media review is the new p.r.


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