And Looksmart didn’t see it coming either, app developers?

Let’s be honest Looksmart saw it coming. 

Everytime I see a successful application on Facebook, I’m hoping that two developers in the garage are making enough money off that app right now.

Own the user, own the data, and own their origin point. If you don’t do this, you’re dead. Of course, these words are far from new.

What’s going to be interesting to see going forward is Facebook’s management of application growth in the wake of getting their app fund up and running and trying to justify their valuation.

Hopefully Facebook will reach very equitable deals with a multitude of developers and use their good faith to enlist an army of developers that generate the next products of value on Facebook.

Hopefully Facebook will not self select apps, products and verticals and in turn threaten the existence of the developers who have done the most to generate positive PR for Facebook than anything else in the last year.

As for the AppDevelopers, if you’re looking to build lasting value, your cross platform strategy should begin now. (And with developers behind Likeness and Zoosk you already see advertisements to engage on MySpace or to “see what MySpace users are doing…brilliant guys).

If not, be leery of merely being the next Looksmart and having the traffic dollar pipeline shut off.


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