Is there a bigger car wreck than the online newspaper “network” business?

I’m continually amazed by the amount of partnerships: Yahoo, Root Networks, Real Cities, etc. that newspapers and their online sites do to try and migrate to the web with the value they are losing to it.

Another piece of news (read: press release) available today on clickz:

If the newspaper industries were smart, they would make an honest effort by purchasing a second tier ad network to begin the foray.

One specific question here, can someone tell me how this actually works with the Yahoo newspaper deal?

Heading into a recession, the newspaper industry as a whole should have really made much more progress online. But that’s the inherent problem with old media where management layers are rife with chiefs who have never been online indians: as the fragmentation of media continues and advertising becomes at least somewhat more accountable, the cushy and non-analytical approach to the business that these chiefs took will get exposed.


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