Surely you must remember eFront Media?

I don’t begrudge business models online and I certainly don’t begrudge making money and providing for a family. However, what I do have a real problem with is manipulation of metrics.

“Metrics manipulation” goes like this if you are not familiar with it.

Company A reverse engineers how a ratings company like Comscore or Neilsen creates panel estimates.

A ratings company typically uses a very small panel to create a picture of how large in reach and unique users a web site or company is.

Company A cuts business deal, with very questionable visible value, to insure that their web links are placed within a property that will skew the rankings at a ratings firm.

A great example of this is inbedding links (for a price) with companies that give away free MySpace layouts, once a user uploads the free layout to MySpace….VIOLA!….you are linked from MySpace broad traffic numbers.

The next month the new ratings come out and Company A, through some unique linking practices, is able to generate a reach and unique count much higher than the traffic it actually owns or represents.

This has been going on for nearly a decade.

The best older example of this:

– eFront Media….if you remember their story, at one point they were a top 20 web company.

I only hope that those following similar practices can be trumped by better businesses run honestly.


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