It’s not just conversion….reviewing multivariate testing value

Everyday, I get multiple questions through referrals inquiring about some assistance in lead generation.

Basic lead generation, the management of profiles to create the best mutual effort between customer and client, is easy for most to grasp and the learning curve is rather quick.

For the advanced, you are looking to really hockeystick their business, they’ve made it down the path to managing conversion and looking at solutions to improving conversion like multivariate testing.

A company that has reached this level obviously understands their business and has a commitment to investing in it. Here’s what I tell them:

– Be sure to understand the value of “who” you are optimizing conversion for.

To often lead generation companies focus on conversion, to the detriment of the customer value they are supposed to be creating.

While multivariate testing is nearly gauranteed to improve conversion, it may improve conversion for a demographic with lower customer value.

So before beginning the multivariate testing game, do two things:

– understand the “who” — what customer profile is the most valuable

– understand if this customer value has risk in changing based upon macroeconomics.

After that select a company whose vested interest is in understanding and improving your business to make them money. Not one who is part of a conglomerate of larger toolsets and requires integration or customization because of standards.


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