Miscrosoft (MSFT) taking Yahoo! to the mat: Rapt

We are sitting in our offices chuckling this morning, though not as much as the Rapt guys down the street.

Way to go Rapt on your acquisition by Microsoft this morning. Was it the technology? Maybe it was the publisher relationships?

Or was it that fact that you are deeply integrated with Yahoo!; your first media customer actually, and Microsoft now:

– knows the value of Yahoo! inventory

– owns a service Yahoo! relies on heavily

What’s another x million when you are trying to pick up Yahoo for $44B.

Great job MSFT! Good technology and another volley to the bow of Yahoo!

….and this is a good time to throw even more praise at MSFT.

Chronologically, they make the aQuantive purchase (and skate by legislators, as Google did not)

Then they make the Facebook investment (far fetched on price though it may be, it *prevents* Facebook from understanding their inventory)

Then they make the Yahoo bid! (which probably (for Facebook’s sake) needed to occur after the Facebook stake)

Bravo MSFT, great job!

Later or next week, we’ll visit the jumbled mess (or potential) of Platform A.


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