And it’s not just the continue button….Facebook, do something!

Data: CPMs have dropped by nearly 100% on social media sites with the crackdown on eCrush. As I understand now, advertising on, let’s just call it a spade, Facebook Apps, now fetches a CPM around or near $.35.

Well folks it should be lower. Have you played the game Friends for Sale yet?

Well to earn points all I need to do is get a free ipod…oops, I mean to earn points to “buy” friends, I just have to sign-up for any offer from your normal culprits (NYTimes, Columbia House, some Ringtone company).

Sure, some of it works, but is this worth it, let’s evaluate it:

1) Worth it for the consumer: debatable, they get to buy a friend and get a reoccurring subscription fee

2) Worth it for the advertiser: debatable to yes. If I care about my brand (NY Times, Yahoo Autos auto quote) then I probably shouldn’t be here. Come to think of it Yahoo Autos!, are you kidding me?!  Are you kidding me?!

Hmm, well, let’s see Yahoo Autos CPM for brand advertisers, probably $50CPM let’s call it. Quote through Yahoo for an auto lead “$50.”

So, easy math here, on 1000 users (assuming a .1% conversion to lead which is absolute worst case on incentive), that’s $50 + $500….well, that’s $550 per thousand users. Why yes, that’s a $55 CPM for Yahoo on that click.

I’m wondering if this is priced out for Yahoo on a per click or per lead basis, but so yes, we’ve changed our mind.

This is a “win” I guess for the brand marketer as well. (I’m kidding).

3) Worth it for Facebook: a definitive “no” — Let’s see incent your users using these practices. Degrade the value of your app inventory. Reduce the confidence by brand marketers. Well, I can tell you let’s all roll out press bandwagon for Facebook some more because they are really a new marketing paradigm.

Funny, I should stumble on to this article when looking for Ari Rosenberg’s article on the value of publisher inventory:

And finally let’s view the discretion, I mean, advertising opportunity.

How about those highly qualified users Yahoo?….just thought I would ask….since Lexus is the advertiser that comes up on this page….


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